Who we are, a few words about Vkomtech.

Vkomtech is a leading trade portal, focusing on business development with China.

We have a very experienced team of professionals with results in many different disciplines. We provide strategic, financial, commercial, and technical-commercial services both for individual customers of our store as well as for companies from Europe and China.

Vkomtech with magazines and services in Europe is an ideal platform for connecting European and Chinese companies. We help our client not only in a simple language interpretation but also help in culture, communication, and negotiations. Often becoming the main interface between the client and his counterparties and an integrated team member in the project.

Vkomtech was founded as a provider of end-to-end services in commercial and business consulting, offering companies the opportunity to develop, promote, and engage in bilateral trade between China and Europe.

Our team includes employees from both China and Europe, which makes it easier to meet customer requirements.

Our Customer Service Office communicates in English, Polish, and Chinese.

We have also a service center with a parts warehouse, which performs all repairs on-site, which significantly reduces the time of complaints. We close most complaints within 14 days.

This is a very big plus for Vkom, because most companies trading products from China do not guarantee on-site service and also do not have the right amount of spare parts, which is the reason for the very long waiting time for receiving the advertised product.